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Introduces you to our main article on African Beauty Tip, and dispels three common myths regarding African American beauty.
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Continues our article about African beauty tips by providing African American women with tips about cleaning their face.
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Is page 3 of African Beauty Tip and provides guidelines for toners, moisturizers, and foundation for African American women.

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Continues providing useful beauty tips for African American women such as further guidelines for the eyes, eye liner, eye shadow, and the lips.
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No article about African beauty tips would be complete without a section on hair. Please take a look at the final section in our main article about African beauty tips, which is about hair care.

Beautiful African Woman – Beauty Tips for African American wome


No article covering African American beauty tips can be complete without mentioning the care and treatment of hair.  Hair, the crowning glory, is an important part of any personal beauty routine and should not be overlooked.

The hair of the black woman is uniquely different from other races and as such cannot be treated the same way.  An excessive use of oil is not necessary for black hair and as a matter of fact can exacerbate problems such as dandruff and acne.  Black hair, whether processed or natural, needs to be regularly conditioned and treated to maintain its health.

Hair care tips

  • For split ends, a problem especially for processed hair, the best treatment is to simply clip the ends.
  • Do not brush processed hair too hard; however, if the hair is natural, brushing is important to help with the circulation of essential oils.
  • To minimize flyaway and soften your hair, dampen hair brush with warm water.
  • Do not weigh your hair down with excessive amounts of oil, especially since washing the hair every day is not an option. 


To get the perfect blush, experiment with different shades to find which works best for your skin tone, but remember that black women do not have bright red rosy cheeks. For a natural look, select purples and browns.  To apply blush properly, start on the cheek and gently brush out towards the temples. For added contouring, a little can be lightly added to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin); this helps to highlight your face and draw attention to those features you consider most appealing. Use some of the same guidelines for choosing foundation when choosing blush.

Remember that bronzing powder can be used instead of blush for a nice healthy glow.

How to apply products to your face:

  1. Start at your throat and stroke upwards, that is, towards your chin
  2. Stroke under your chin and continue with upward strokes
  3. To apply to your cheeks, start from your nose and stroke towards your temples
  4. To your nose, apply vertically in a north to south direction
  5. For your forehead, apply straight across from hairline to hairline
  6. For the sensitive eye area be extra careful not to damage the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. To do this use the ring finger which is less likely to exert excess pressure and do the following: start at the corner of your eye and move towards your nose and then above your eye and back to the corner. This minimizes the development of crows’ feet.

In effect you need to apply makeup and other skin products in a manner that defies gravity, hence the upward strokes.

NB:  Always use an eye cream to protect and moisturize the skin around your eyes. This helps to prevent early wrinkles, dark circles and the formation of bags under the eyes.

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